It all started with an innocent visit to the herbs section of Cold Storage at Kovan Mall, and perhaps a bet from dad too.

There I was staring at a packet of immaculately packaged mint and thought to myself, “If only I can grow this in my garden, that would be so nice!”.

Since young the garden has always been the domain of dad and I’ve never thought in my wildest dreams that growing those so-called “western” herbs such as spearmint, sage or thyme is even remotely possible in Singapore. However, my curiousity got the better of me that fateful day and I got myself two packets of mints (the $0.77 a bundle “common mint” and the $1.95 per packet “gourmet mint”).

When dad saw those mints and knew what I planned on doing with them, he shook his head and said that there is absolutely no way I can root those cuttings and chided me for throwing money down the drain. That made me even more determined to make sure my “investment” did not go to waste and I immediately placed some cuttings in a glass of water and the rest in a pot (sadly, the garden snails devastated those within the first two nights ), in a sorta kiashu (roughly translated as scared to die) Singaporean style.   

In less than a week, roots started to appear and I transferred the rooted cuttings into two seperate pots and placed the pots on top of a plate of brine each (to keep those slugs at bay).

Not only did the cuttings survive, they thrived and that gave me the confidence to try other herbs such as thyme and rosemary and the rest as the saying goes, is history.

What I want to share with fellow gardening newbies with this story is that in the world of gardening, perseverance, a willingness to experiment and venture with an open mind is important. In gardening, the journey and not the destination is what matters! 🙂 

Here is a pic of the ‘mother’ plant that gave birth to the many cuttings that were given out to friends over the past one year.